What to know about office refurbishment.

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After you’ve used your office for a long period of time, you need to redo it so that you can change the atmosphere. This is helpful because it helps your workers to be more hardworking due to the change in the atmosphere. There are plenty of ideas online about the different types of approaches you can have on office refurbishment. However, there are also factors you need to consider to make the whole process a success. There are three types of refurbishments that you can do in your office: minor, medium and major refurbishments.

Minor office refurbishments

They are also known as office building maintenance practices. They are mainly carried out during working hours without disruption of normal work in the office. It is important to know that these activities do not require intensive planning and also, it requires a small budget. Some of the minor office refurbishment activities include, replacement of lighting, basic office paint, decorating, updating office fitting etc. since they don’t require a lot of time, they do not necessarily disrupt office work.


Medium sized refurbishments

This kind of refurbishment involves small structural changes in a building. Therefore, your office should not be having workers or other furnishings when the process is undertaken. To avoid wasting a lot of time working on these activities, you should plan well on how to carry out these activities. Some of the activities involved here include, replacement of a heating or an air conditioning system, carpet replacement, ceiling repainting, installing new lighting system, replacement of windows among other activities. To avoid delaying office work, resumption of office work should be done as soon as refurbishment is complete.


Large refurbishments

This includes alterations of office structure building. It requires an extensive planning with architectural inputs from experienced technicians. Also, to make this refurbishment a success, you need planning and approval permits from relevant government department before the work commences. This is for the safety of occupants and those around that area. Some of the large refurbishment activities include the addition of a new wall, replacement of a window, removal of a wall, replacement of the roof and much more.


Before undertaking any kind of office refurbishment, you should consider some factors to get the best out of the refurbishment. With price being a key factor, here are other factors to consider:


Company culture

It is important to understand the culture of the company or the routine followed in the office before making any plans to change its design. Sometimes the use of certain designs could be non-cohesive and bring out serious issues in the office.



When planning, make sure that you understand the building well to know what will work best for the company and the building too. You should consider the materials used, its architectural design among other factors to make a sound decision.

Needs and wants

Considering what your workers need is very important. Therefore, you can have the standard requirements of your workplace as well as some requirements from your workers to make your office design functional and exciting.


Time and budget factors

As a business owner, you understand that time is money and hence you should not do a refurbishment that will make you waste a lot of time as you will lose income too. Therefore, have a timeline and avoid using a lot of money doing your office refurbishments. Click here to Contact