Hotel Maintenance At its Best


Hard Work Hotel


When people think of hotels, they usually think of five or four stars if they’re splurging. When just going for a regular vacation, a three will do. But no one wants to go to a hotel that only rated 2 stars unless they are really hard up for cash. And what makes the difference in ratings? Well, hard work on behalf of the property management is what usually does.




No hotel manager wants to hear that their place has a low star rating. A vigilant owner will call the property management team and ask they one question. They will wonder what the team thinks needs to be upgraded. Maintenance is everyone at the hotel’s responsibility in that they are the eyes and ears of the hotel. However, the staff are not necessarily always motivated to report problems. After all, they are not usually the ones sleeping there unless they live in the hotel. But a good manager will encourage the staff to report any problems. Then the property management can find contractors to perform maintenance. However, sometimes a complete upgrade is needed on the facilities to heighten the hotel’s rating.



Main Areas

Some of the major places in the hotel to pay attention to are the lobbies. This is what the guest’s first impression of a
place will be. That is why cruise ships always book their travelers to the port in nice hotels. It sets the mood that the entire trip will be as posh. There is no expense spared in some of these lobbies, and they actually set a tone for the staff too. The staff are much happier to be surrounded by lush scenery than to have a drab, tiny, cramped working space.




The maintenance of amenities is the most important part of the hotel experience, aside from the obvious idea that the rooms should be clean, modern, and comfortable. How many times have people booked into a hotel only to hear that the pool is under renovations or maintenance? A savvy consumer will understand that renovations can be a nice way of saying that the hotel does not want to maintain the pool at all. And people are not very understanding of that when they are paying for full price. Further, the staff will have to give the customer a discount on a room that does not boast the amenities that it promised. And guaranteed if the staff do not, then they have probably lost a customer for good. Everyone seems to remember the time that they booked into a hotel and the pool wasn’t available.




Maintaining WiFi and other guest services is important for the property management as well. They need to contract out people to fix areas of the hotel that are not getting service. In this day and age, not having WiFi in a room that promises a Internet connection is a huge faux pas. Many business people absolutely need the Internet to do their jobs during their stay.


The Total Package


Try to provide the total package with a hotel by having property management that gets all the behind the scenes work done. And then the guests can enjoy the relaxing stay that they are paying the hotel to provide.